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Shiseido Ultimune Energizing Serum Activator 50 ml


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Shiseido presents the new Serum Ultimune, which decreases the appearance of wrinkles giving your skin a greater luminosity. The skin is smoothed and becomes immune against the signs of aging. The immunity that will forever change the care of your skin, since it will have an immune system to protect against internal and external aggressions. It consists of a complex system, in which some organs and cells are involved, including Langerhans cells, responsible for skin immunity. Langerhans cells lose strength over time and the aggressions they receive from inside and outside. The new Ultimune serum is the only activating serum of these cells that reinforces the skin’s original resistance ability. Its high technology is completed with a botanical combination of ginkgo biloba, goatee and wild thyme. The results a firm, healthy and radiant skin that maximizes its beauty.



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