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The serum has become an essential part of any self-respecting beauty routine.

This concentrate of active ingredients with a soft and aqueous base promises to provide the skin with the necessary ingredients to achieve a specific objective: hydration, anti-blemish care, anti-aging action, greater luminosity. Whatever your need, a quality serum applied every night will be your best ally.

This elixir of benefits is applied to clean and dry skin, before using our usual cream, massaging gently and waiting 1 to 2 minutes for the skin to assimilate it, since it is made to be absorbed quickly.

The greater concentration of its active ingredients gives it greater power and effectiveness, which is why its use has spread with compelling reasons.

Another of its characteristics is the small amount that we will need to apply, since 2 or 3 drops is usually enough, being a product whose duration is appreciated.

Combined with other products in our routine, the benefits of each other are enhanced, creating a powerful action that will act on the deepest layers of the skin, which in turn achieves visible results in a short time.

At Tiendas Agatha we have multiple types of serums adapted to each need.

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