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Alqvimia is a high cosmetics brand of Spanish origin whose philosophy is based on deep care of the body and mind through the creation of cosmetics of 100% natural origin.

Through alchemical knowledge and aromatherapy, Alqvimia creates products that care for and align body, mind and spirit.

Alqvimia products enjoy a very high efficiency since the best raw materials and active ingredients that work on an aesthetic, energetic and spiritual level are used to produce them.

Each product is formulated in accordance with the most appropriate astrological moment to enhance its results.

Aromatherapy is an essential part of Alqvimia since the power of each of the most beneficial plants is used to formulate the most precious products.

The objective of Alqvimia is to care for the body, mind and spirit through a unique combination of aromatherapy and alchemy, achieving beauty, fullness and inner peace. Without inner beauty there is no outer beauty. That is the philosophy of Alqvimia.

Alqvimia products enjoy extraordinary quality and transport you to a mystical world that goes beyond the ordinary.

Its aromas, its quality, its textures and its results invite us to repeat again and again this unique experience that this coveted brand offers us.

Tiendas Agatha is an official authorized distributor of the brand Alqvimia.

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