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Proraso is the most famous brand of shaving and beard care products in the world. Founded by Ludovico Martelli in Florence, in 1926, continuing the work of his father Piero, Proraso has managed to mark trends in the world of shaving since its creation.

Proraso laboratories have been creating innovative and effective products for the shaving and the care of the beard for 3 generations. Its products have become world trend first and shaving classics afterwards. Using natural and reliable ingredients, modern but classic packaging, and developing new product lines, Proraso has won millions of fans around the world.

Proraso preserves the values ​​and philosophy established by Piero Martelli and his son Ludovico: Create professional beard care products of high quality and offer a pleasant and impeccable shave in the hairdresser and at home.

Almost 90 years later, the Proraso brand is still under the direction of the Martelli family and its products are sold in selective perfumeries around the world, and are used professionally in barber shops and hairdressers.

Tiendas Agatha – Perfumería y Estética is authorized, and official dealer of the brand Proraso.

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