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BB & CC creams

BB & CC creams have become an all-terrain product since, in addition to providing color, uniformity and a good appearance, they constitute a true beauty treatment due to their high moisturizing and anti-wrinkle power.

These types of creams have become the ideal alternative to conventional makeup bases, since their light texture and soft, natural coverage make them ideal for day-to-day use.

Most of them are enriched by assets that fulfill different functions that will vary depending on our needs and skin type.

The difference between BB Cream and CC Cream is that the BB Cream was ideally created to provide hydration and cover small imperfections in young skin that hardly needs coverage.

Subsequently, the CC Cream appeared on the market, whose density was increased, providing greater coverage, ideal for more mature skin that needs more correction.

Its finish is more matte than BB Cream, so it is also perfect for skin that tends to be oily.

At Tiendas Agatha we have a wide selection of BB Cream & CC Cream among which you will surely find those that best suit your skin type and needs.

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