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Eveline Expert C Youth Activator Vitamin Serum Injection


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Eveline Serum Expert C 12% Vitamin C is a serum that contains a combination of 3 powerful actives that will restore vitality, luminosity and hydration to duller skins.Its wrinkle-eliminating action restores smoothness, juiciness and flexibility to the face, giving a more uniform tone and an increase in luminosity.This innovative formula contains:-Expert Ct Complex, an active Vitamin C concentrate that reinforces the regenerating and collagen-generating action of cells.-Extracts of Wild Rose and Lemon: the combination with Lemon vitamins makes the antioxidant action even more powerful, repairing the dermis and epidermis cells from the inside.-Hyaluronic Acid: worldwide known for its filling action on wrinkles and expression lines, it retains the hydration of the skin, helping to achieve a juicy, smooth, uniform, healthy and hydrated skin.Apply a few drops of serum by gently massaging the face with clean skin.We can apply a few drops to our usual cream to obtain the best results.



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