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Cacharel Yes I am Delicious Edp


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Cacharel Yes I Am Delicious is a creamy, sweet and powdery perfume that will captivate your senses. The aroma of Cacharel Yes I Am Delicious is intended for sweet and delicate women who like to incorporate pleasure in all facets of their life, as well as in the aroma they give off. Its notes are composed of sweet and feminine Jasmine Grandiflorum and a fresh and soft touch of Green Tangerine that culminate in an enveloping Cacao and Hazelnut accord. Its powdery and creamy aroma lingers on the skin for a long time, integrating in an excellent way, creating a delicious trail in its wake. In Agatha Stores we like it for its high fixation and its enveloping and clean cocoa aroma that is pleasant and addictive without being heavy.

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Cacharel is a French brand that creates fashion and perfumes. Known worldwide for its style that mixes the daring with the elegant and colorful, it is a brand that plays with a personality and a unique French chic touch. His fragrances evoke the same thing as his designs: originality, daring and class. Since 1978, the year in which its first women's perfume Anais Anais came to light, Cacharel has not stopped creating fragrances that have become best sellers around the world, positioning itself as one of the best perfume brands. Its fragrances are created by the best French perfumers, packed in bottles with original and fun designs. A unique brand that sets trends wherever it goes. Tiendas Agatha - Perfumery and Aesthetics is an official authorized distributor of the Cacharel brand.