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The end of summer is the perfect time to start a general set-up from head to toe. Summer has left us a nice tanned skin, but it has also punished us, with the sun and the heat, so it is necessary to pamper our hair, our face, hands, feet and even the body, to continue preserving that perfect tan. In this post we will talk about nails and we will make you aware of the colors of enamels that will be trendy this fall, both for your manicures and pedicures.

Autumn with its mild temperatures, and even with many hours of clarity, is a perfect time to show off hands and feet. To do this, we will leave aside the summer tones and immerse ourselves in the new colors of autumn. These are the colors you will see the most during the next three months:

Burgundy: Red is a timeless color, that is, it will always be fashionable. This shade is perfect for your nails during the fall, being an elegant color for any time or event, and that feels great to any skin tone.
Black: Yes, you read that right, black nail polish. We can say that it is the new red since it is a most modern and transgressive tone. The black enamel color is ideal for not very long nails with which you will continue to retain your elegance.
Orange: It is the nail polish color par excellence of autumn. A perfect tone for this time of transition for its summer freshness but combining the warmth of autumn.
Nude: It is the most versatile nail polish tone and always present in most manicures and pedicures, since it is ideal for women who do not like excessive manicure. This tone highlights the tan of the hands and feet, and fits perfectly with the tones of autumn clothes. For a more subtle touch we recommend choosing a bright or iridescent nail finish.
Gray: No doubt the revelation in nail polish for this year. Combine your manicure and pedicure, for example a soft gray tone for the hands and slate gray for the feet, a perfect balance with which you will not go unnoticed.
So far our review of the colors and shades of nail lacquer that will be trendy this year. Can you think of any more? Feel free to share it in our comments or social networks. You can buy a wide variety of nail polish colors of all brands in OUR STORES or in our ONLINE STORE.