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Good weather is here! It is time to pay more attention to our body, as we want to be perfect to wear cooler clothes. Today we are going to show you the best products to combat the dreaded cellulite.

anticellulite products

Anti-cellulite products
First of all we have Collistar´s Biorevitalizing Anticellulite Concentrate. It is a fluid that combats accumulated fat deposits. It has a mesotherapy effect (medical technique used to combat cellulite).

With its head containing 5 metal balls, it makes a massage into the skin causing circulation to be reactivated. Put it in the ON position, massaging the area and then we return it to OFF area, to continue massaging without applying product. Results show from the first application.

We also have the limited edition pack, with caffeine capsules that make skin become firm and reduce any degree of cellulite. You can switch to other anti-cellulite treatments or do it as a shock treatment.

From Shiseido we can highlight SHISEIDO SUPER SLIMMING REDUCER, a gel that molds the body and destroys the skin. Fat is destroyed as it becomes a fat burner. In two weeks the fat layer of the skin is reduced.

To improve treatment, use it morning and evening, massaging the areas we want to reduce, as for example buttocks, legs or abdomen. It is also important to breathe deeply the scent given off when applying, because of the aromacological properties (scientific research on the relationship between psychology and aromas).

anticellulite shiseido in Tiendas Agatha

And the third product is CLARINS LIFT MINCEUR ANTI-CAPITONS. This fluid contains a powerful combination of plants (contains caffeine and escin performing a draining effect). Four weeks after started being used cellulite is reduced up to 78 %, getting a smoother and re-affirmed skin. It also contains four patents that make this product an effective treatment for reducing fat deposits.

Application tips
First of all we heat the product with our hands and then apply the fluid from the ankles to the hip from behind to the top, distributing the product uniformly. Gradually we exert little pressure in the same direction.

In the case of the abdomen and buttocks, after applying the product, we have to lightly press with the fist. We repeat this action morning and night.