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The sun is vital for life. It helps improve our mood, it is essential for the synthesis of vitamin D (responsible for fixing calcium in the bones), and helps the neurons facilitating their activity. Despite all this, exposure without control can cause harmful effects to our skin and even to health. Therefore, in this post we are going to give you a series of recommendations to make responsible use of the sun.

We have evolved under solar energy, and exposure to the sun daily is highly recommended, especially at dusk and dawn. During the day, we must take advantage of it. Exposing yourself to the sun is very necessary all over the year, and not only in August. The habit of not being exposed to sunlight for 10 months, and then sunbathe excessively for 2 months, is one of the most harmful habits for our skin and health. Therefore, the first recommendation that we launch is to take advantage of solar hours throughout the year, and be responsible in summer.

On the other hand, it is essential to protect ourselves from the sun on a daily basis, even in winter, to avoid the appearance of skin spots, premature aging, melanomas and eye problems. Most creams for daily use already have a built-in protection factor, so in addition to the much-needed daily hydration, with a good beauty routine we will also be protecting ourselves from the sun’s harmful effects.

It is important to remember that the skin has memory and the harmful effects of the sun’s rays accumulate on the skin, in a process that becomes irreversible. For this reason, we must be responsible to expose ourselves to the sun and protect the skin every day throughout the year, with a greater emphasis on summer, at which time we expose more skin surfaces from areas that do not normally reach the sun’s rays.

Here are some tips to keep in mind this summer:

Avoid exposure to the sun during the hours that UVA rays are at their highest intensity (Between 12: 00h and 17: 00h) remember that UVA rays are more intense than UVB rays as they penetrate the deeper layers of the sun. skin.
Apply sun protection before leaving home every day, not only on the beach and always before sun exposure, choosing the most appropriate protection for each type of skin. It is important that in summer the sunscreen has a filter against UVA and a high factor (minimum 30). People with lighter skin should use protection with the highest factor just like pregnant women and children.
In the days of a prolonged exposure to the sun, we will apply the protection a few minutes before exposure. To know when to return to apply the protection we must know more or less, the time that your skin can be exposed to the sun without burning. We will multiply that result by the factor of sun protection that we are going to use and as a result we will obtain the minutes during which our skin will be protected.
Children under 1 year old should not be exposed to the sun.
It is also important to protect the hair to prevent it from drying out. For this we can use specific protective spray for hair.
Drink plenty of water, juices and infusions, and eat fruit and vegetables to help hydrate the skin.
After sun exposure, we will apply moisturizer or After Sun so that the skin regains its freshness and hydration intensely.
Remember that on a cloudy day the sun rays pass through the clouds causing skin damage therefore we must protect the skin as if we are under the umbrella.

We hope these tips are useful and help you enjoy the sun and take advantage of its benefits without causing damage to your skin or your health.