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In this post we are going to analyze the best cosmetic offers for this Black Friday.

Anytime is a good time to shop cosmetic products that improve our health and appearance, but Black Friday is a great opportunity to buy them at the best prices.

We have made a list with a selection of ideal products to pamper ourselves at this time of year and that are also very affordable for this long-awaited date. We hope you like it!


dvent calendars have become a flagship product. And it is not for less since they are the perfect gift.
The Advent calendars are beautiful boxes inspired by the boxes of chocolates that inside contain several mini-sizes (usually 24) of beauty and cosmetic products as well as some in original size.
They have become the perfect gift since each day of the calendar you will discover a new product so it is exciting, as well as serving to discover the best sellers of the brands as well as new products and enjoy while taking care of our beauty.
This year we have discovered two that we love: Alqvimia’s and Payot’s.
These calendars are a real gem: they are limited edition and consist of 24 boxes so that you can open one every day from December 1 to Christmas day and discover a different gift among mini-sizes, samples and accessories.
Every day you will find best sellers and new products from both brands that will surprise you and allow you to take care of your beauty throughout the year.

Payot Calendario Adviento 24 Petit Plaisirs 2021
El Set de Calendario de Adviento de Alqvimia contiene:  Producto final Aceite de Hipérico 60 ml  Minitallas Body Elixir Anti-stress 30ml Gel de baño Body Sculptor 30ml Aceite corporal Reina de Egipto 30ml Gel de baño Anti-Stress 30ml Aceite Body Sculptor 30ml Generous Bust 30ml Agua de la Reina de Hungría 30ml Reina de Egipto PAE 5ml Pastilla jabón lavanda 25 g.  Muestras Comfort Legs 3ml Sensuality 3ml EB Rejuvenate/Nourish crema. Sachette EB Rejuvenate/Nourish serum. Sachette Natural Fitness 3ml Germen de Trigo 3ml EY Contorno ojos. Sachette Seductive 3ml Aceite Anti-Stress 3 ml Aceite cororal Reductor 3ml Aceite anti-Estrías 3ml Tónico Agua de Azahar 3ml Aceite Reafirmante. 3ml  Complementos Neceser negro  En él se encuentran 24 ventanas


Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Retinol

It contains concentrated Retinol to specifically treat the skin in this area. The skin of the contour is a skin that, in addition to being very thin and sensitive to the passage of time, is continuously exposed to daily damage.

Retinol has proven to be a really effective substance to combat these signs thanks to the fact that it stimulates the skin to create more amounts of Hyaluronic Acid and Collagen, which translates into a drastic decrease in wrinkles and fine lines, acquiring the skin luminosity and youth.

In addition, this eye contour contains encapsulated Retinol which multiplies its effectiveness.


Las fórmulas de Ebella han demostrado resultados eficaces, visibles y duraderos y su Ácido Hialurónico es su producto estrella. Estos viales contienen ácido Hialurónico no reticulado puro al 2% que hidrata profundamente la piel.

Son perfectos para pieles apagadas que han perdido hidratación o elasticidad y necesitan reponerla de manera rápida y eficaz.Ebella’s formulas have shown effective, visible and long-lasting results and its Hyaluronic Acid is its flagship product. These vials contain 2% pure non-cross-linked Hyaluronic Acid that deeply hydrates the skin.

They are perfect for dull skin that has lost hydration or elasticity and needs to replace it quickly and effectively.
Its format is comfortable and easy to apply thanks to its Hyaluron Pen, which helps to apply the product with enough pressure for the Hyaluronic Acid to penetrate the skin much more effectively.

It is recommended to apply twice a week, maximum 3 times on clean and dry skin. The skin gets intensely hydrated, smooth, radiant and full of life.


Sensai Total Eye Treatment

It is one of the great discoveries in terms of care for the eye contour and its entire area as it is an ultra-effective treatment that treats the area around the eyes, forehead and temples, making it very complete.

Its powerful and combined patented formula acts directly against wrinkles, expression lines, bags and dark circles, making our eyes look rested, young and full of life as it also provides an extra luminosity.

Its two-step system is very easy to apply. The exclusivity and quality of its assets together with a hot-cold application system make it one of the most powerful and effective products on the market to rejuvenate the look.


We have fallen in love with the natural and ecological products of the new Payot line and their sales have skyrocketed.
The reasons are more than enough: the quality of the brand combined with ingredients of 100% natural and organic origin and its respect for the skin and the environment.

Its formulas are vegan and only contain the essential ingredients to take care of our skin, without adding chemicals or synthetic odors. The botanical extracts and essential oils that make up their products come from different regions of the French Alps and only use the essential amount of preservatives allowed so that their products remain in perfect condition to reach our hands.

In this line we find several products such as creams and beauty oils that we are sure you will love. Payot has surprised us by showing that organic products without added chemicals can be really effective without compromising our health.


Alqvimia Seductive Man

Known for the quality of its products, Alquimia has designed an extravagant and perfect product for men’s grooming.
It is an exclusive body oil specifically designed for men since its formula is made so that masculine energy is manifested in all its facets, stimulating the senses in a sublime way.

This enigmatic oil descends from a 100% natural combination of pure essential oils that, in addition to being magnetic, are energizing and enhance masculinity, vigor, potency and sensuality.

In addition to caring for the skin, it expands the masculine essence in all its fullness thanks to its content in plant extracts of Ginseng, Andean Maca, Macandi and Black Tea and high quality noble wood seeds that will make those who wear it irresistible.

Alqvimia Seductive Man

We end this post wishing that this information has been useful to you and that you like these products as much as we do.
We hope you enjoy this date to the fullest and that your purchases are fruitful.

Happy Black Friday!