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In this post we are going to analyse some of the best makeup deals for Black Friday.

This date is the best to buy makeup products since during these months brands take the opportunity to launch new products, many of them with new or improved formulas or we can simply find our trusted products for much cheaper prices and also, they are products that they pay off pretty well over time.

We are going to analyze some of them that are characterized by their quality and effectiveness and that will help us show our best face and pamper ourselves a little more if possible and, that personally, we have loved them.


Sensai Lash Conditioner 38C is an all-terrain eyelash care product as it is a mascara that, while adding color and intensity to our eyes, acts as an intensive treatment to nourish, lengthen and elevate them.

Its exclusive formula acts actively throughout the day, thoroughly nourishing each part of the eyelash, stimulating its growth and increasing its thickness, volume and curvature.

Sensai Lash Conditioner 38C sales have exploded and it is not surprising since Sensai is a quality brand known for the effectiveness of its products and that with this mask it helps us save time and money.

Sensai Lash Conditioner 38C



With this base from Sisley we continue to refer to off-road products since, in addition to unifying and smoothing the skin tone, leaving a satin finish and an immediate beauty effect, this base acts on imperfections not only covering them but also progressively eliminating them.

Don’t let its light texture fool you, since this foundation intensely nourishes the skin, of course, without adding shine and leaving the skin free, fresh and smooth.

Another thing that we love about this product is that Sisley Phyto Teint Nude is offered in 16 colors that adapt to different skin tones, with a choice between warm tones or cooler tones.

The best of all we leave it for last, and it is the luminosity it brings to the skin, making it look rested and resplendent, taking care of it day by day.

Sisley Maquillaje Phyto-Teint Nude


The new Esteé Lauder lipsticks are pure magic. Its mousse texture and innovative applicator allow a precise and smooth application, leaving the lips with a velvety texture and a fixed and lasting matte color.

In addition, its formula rich in Moringa butter and Hyaluronic Acid deeply hydrates the lips, giving them consistency and volume, leaving them perfect for every occasion.

Their range of colors is rich and varied, so we recommend that you take a look at them, they will surely make you fall in love!

Estée Lauder  barra de Labios Pure Color Lip Mousse


We hope you like the products that we have shown you in this post and that you get the most out of your “Beauty Black Friday”.