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Undoubtedly, we have already noticed the change in temperatures. We have definitely left summer behind! Begins a time of the year that extremely punishes our skin and we have to be aware of the changes that this suffers, produced by extreme cold, wind and dryness.

At this time of year, not only sensitive skins suffer. Even if you have oily skin if you look at it carefully, it is not the same in summer as in winter, so do not neglect yourself at this time, and take care of your skin as it deserves to avoid damage.

To help you, we bring you a series of tips that will help your skin to be perfect despite the extreme conditions.

Hydration: This step is essential at any time of the year. Keep it hydrated, it makes the skin recover elasticity and prevents the appearance of signs of aging. Do not forget to also moisturize the body, it is the great one always forgotten!
Dense textures: In winter, beauty brands opt for denser products or rich textures. This is because the skin needs more nutrition and protect for its natural barrier, and a rich cream is always the best option.
Anti-redness products. If your skin is very sensitive and tends to redden, the problem will be accentuated during the winter, by extreme temperatures. To avoid this, add anti-redness creams and serums to your daily beauty routine.
Do not forget about the sun protection factor. Yes, in winter you also have to protect yourself from the sun every day, because although we do not notice it, the sun is another factor that punishes the skin in winter. You may not need to use sunscreen if your cream already incorporates it, but if not, you should apply it, on top of your day cream.
Moisturizing and repairing masks. At night, take the opportunity to give your skin an extra of hydration and nutrition, using once a week moisturizing and repairing facial masks and then apply a nourishing cream and facial oils. This will help calm and repair the skin of the face.
Hydrate whenever you need your hands and your lips. Two areas that are especially sensitive to dryness and that you should pamper a lot in winter to avoid suffering. Always carry in your bag a rich and nourishing hand cream and a lip balm or cocoa.
Drink water. We associate the idea of ​​drinking water with summer and heat, but in winter you should also hydrate inside. In addition to the drying effect of wind and cold, heating causes environmental dryness. Get use to drinking water throughout the day to be well hydrated inside, and your skin will thank you looking healthy and beautiful.
If we follow all these tips, our skin will feel less the punishment of cold and extreme conditions, and we will keep it perfect. And you, how do you take care of your skin in winter? What are your beauty favourites at this time of year?