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In this post, we are going to teach you how you can take care of your hands after using hydroalcoholic gel, something very important these days.

These days, hand soap and hydroalcoholic gel have become our companions and one of the best allies in the fight against the Coronavirus. And it is fact that keeping your hands clean and disinfected is basic and at the same time essential to avoid both contracting the virus and transmitting it.

However, this action so repeated by everyone these days, can ruin the health and appearance of our hands. Due to the high content of alcohol and other chemical components of disinfectant products, our hands suffer and even crack, so it is important to give them extra care.

Do you know what is the best way to take care of them? It is very simple: Hydration. For this reason, today we want to leave you some hand creams that, used between hand washing and the use of hydroalcoholic gel, will help you keep them well-groomed and hydrated and look perfect once we return to our normal life.

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Intensive Hand Cream

A hand treatment that regenerates the skin thanks to its content in emollient ingredients that calm, soothe and soften even the roughest skin. Highly recommended and used by skins that are exposed to environmental aggressions. The skin regains its hydration, providing soft hands that are pleasant to the touch, all for eight hours. It is also absorbed quickly for comfort and for quick hydration.


Sisley Comfort Extreme Hand Cream

Thanks to its plant extract ingredients, this Sisley hand cream nourishes and repairs the skin, leaving hands hydrated and beautiful. In addition it also helps to strengthen nails and cuticles, making them more resistant. Its formula is quickly absorbed, protecting the skin without leaving a greasy or sticky feeling. Soft, pretty and flexible hands all day.


Chen Yu Manussia Hand Cream

Protect your hands with Chen Yu Manussia specially dedicated for the care of the most sensitive hands and nails. Rich in ingredients that hydrate, soften and heal the skin, you will get soft, silky and smooth hands. Its texture is easy and fast absorption.


In addition, we share with you this little hand beauty routine, which consists of three simple steps to ensure perfect hands:

Exfoliation: Renews the skin and enhances the absorption of the products you apply after exfoliating the hands. Avoid it if you have irritated skin.
Hydration: Use one of the above hand creams to give you a good hand massage that also relaxes you. For an extra hydration, combine cream and rosehip or almond oil if you have at home.
Nutrition: 15 minutes with your favorite mask and you will have completed your hand ritual.
So far, our selection of hand care products and our tips for perfect hands. Remember: beautiful hands conquer the world.