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With the change of the season of the year, we change our daily routine to the one that is best for that time of year: We change our home to make it more comfortable, we change our clothes, our way of life, etc. Our beauty routine should not be less, and must also change to adapt it to the different seasons. In this post we will explain how your beauty routine should be, along with some of the most advisable products for this summer.

When just get up, what better than a good facial cleaning to start the day well. We will begin with a good cleanser according to our tastes (Cleansing Milk, Foam or Gel). We recommend you Micellaire Nettoyante by Payot, that cleans the skin thoroughly and gently. It also does not contain soap so it does not dry the skin or dehydrate it, leaving it clean, fresh and soft.

Then we will continue with an eye contour so that our eyes regain vitality. In this case we will recommend the Clarins Eye Contour Gel, which minimizes the bags and dark circles providing a freshness and relief to the contour. In addition, thanks to its star ingredient, the wild rose, it helps to drain the toxins that give rise to the bags, acting throughout the day.

The next step will be to use an anti-blemish Serum. In summer our face is often more prone to generate dark spots because the sun is more intense and dangerous, and we tend to expose ourselves more often. In order to avoid them, we can use the serum of the anti-spots specialist, Bella Aurora, which in addition to prevent them, reduces and eliminates those already existing in the skin, minimizing the pores in turn, reducing redness and leaving a matt finish and no shine skin.

In terms of makeup, in this time of so much heat, it is advisable to use a BB cream, which moisturizes and gives colour, instead of makeup, which can become uncomfortable throughout the day, bgetting cracked or completely removed by the sweat. The BB Cream Blur by Payot is ideal, as it provides hydration, unifies the skin tone, smoothes the texture of the face, contains antioxidant action that protects the skin from the radicals of the environment and also protects the skin against UVA rays.

The body also needs its time; if we want to get an spectacular tan, we must maintain optimal body hydration. Chen Yu offers Hydrissima Corps, a body moisturizer that matifies, reaffirms and soothes the skin leaving it soft, firm and beautiful for the tan to last longer and protect the skin against aging.

We continue with the hair, a part of our body that in summer suffers especially due to the sun, the salt of the sea or the chlorine of swimming pools. That is why we must take care of it more than at any time of the year. We recommend the Sensai Volumising shampoo, enriched with silk and precious pearls that help restore damaged hair. The Japanese pearl repairs, strengthens and softens the cuticle of the hair, giving back its beauty in a natural way. It also adds volume thanks to the soy extract, for a strong and shiny finish.

In summer we must also protect the lips to keep them hydrated and healthy, preventing small wrinkles appearing on them. For this, Clarins proposes to use the lip balm Joli that beautifies, protects and nourishes, leaving lips healthy and with a natural sheen.

Sun protection
Of course, in summer you cannot miss a sunscreen. If you are in the beach or you are going to spend a day of swimming pool, the most important thing is to protect the skin well, since every year the sun is more dangerous. Lancaster offers a wide range of products, according to the texture you like and the protection filter that your skin needs.

Last, after a long sun exposure it is very important to refresh the skin and regenerate it so that the tan last longer and beautiful. The After Sun Clarins Regenerating Balm is ideal, as it also provides extreme moisturizing due to its Shea Butter composition.

Remember that a good Beauty Routine is essential to face any situation day by day. Your skin will take longer to get old and will always look perfect. So far our tips for your summer beauty routine, we hope you find them useful.