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The cosmetics market is always changing and new trends like Sorbet Creams appear! Sure you’ve heard of them. They are concentrated hydration in a light and fresh texture that are a real pleasure for the senses in the upcoming warm days. Today we bring you our best selection.

Lancôme The Overnight Recovery Sleeping Mask
THE OVERNIGHT RECOVERY SLEEPING MASK retrieves tired skin and provides luminosity and hydration. Thanks to its gel texture it creates drops of water that blends into the skin and gives nutrition and freshness. Apply to skin and leave for 10 minutes. You will wake up with a rested and healthier skin.

Price 31.33 €

Juvena Skin Energy Aqua Recharge Gel
SKIN ENERGY AQUA RECHARGE GEL is an energizing cocktail for skin that provides hydration and special light for normal skin. It is a 24 hours cream, used to moisturise during morning and night. It is also an intensive treatment if used as a mask for those days when the skin is dull and dehydrated.

Price 28.62 €

Biotherm Aquasource Everplump Serum
AQUASOURCE EVER PLUM is a powerful treatment for skin, with a high concentration of active ingredients, even though it has a light and fresh texture which is easily absorbed. It keeps skin hydrated for 72 hours, giving a complete protection. It promises that in just one week the expression lines are dimmed and blurred. Based on the principle Blue Hyaluron, with marine sugar, it improves the texture and skin hydration.

Price 35.55 €

24+ Payot Hydra Gel Crème Sorbet
If you have a combination to oily skin, PAYOT´S HYDRA GEL CREAM SORBET 24+ is perfect for you. It provides hydration and freshness like no other cream does, leaving skin soft and smooth. Plus Its application provides a sense of wellbeing and comfort on the skin. This cream contains Vitamin C and E, antioxidants for the skin, and creatine.

Price 29.37 €

Collistar Hyaluronic Acid AQUAGEL
COLLISTAR AQUAGEL CREAM´S main purpose is proper hydration of the skin. Thanks to its texture, this cream improves the absorption of its active principles; Hyaluronic acid gets to the deepest layers of the skin due to the different sizes of molecules. It provides a lifting effect, improves expression lines and stimulates cell metabolism.

Price 31.33 €