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Spring is coming, and we are ready to spend more time on the street, exposed to the sun, with all the good and bad that entails. In this post, we are going to talk about spots on the skin, in this case about how to treat them once they have appeared and how to prevent them from appearing more.

Undoubtedly, responsible exposure to the sun has positive effects: It improves our mood, it has positive effects on health, it provides us with vitamin D, and also a beautiful tone on our skin. However, we have all had this stage, in which it made us crazy to sunbathe to get a nice and prolonged tan without caring about the consequences.

Then, it is time to reflect and think if we are doing the right thing to take care of our health and our skin. Sunbathing prolonged and uncontrolled, causes an excess of pigmentation and therefore the appearance of unwanted spots on the skin, something we have to avoid at all costs. Let us become aware and put measures before and during sun exposure.

For some, it’s already too late and exposure to the sun has already had a negative effect on our skin, in the form of dreaded dark spots. Do not worry, there are also solutions for later. In Tiendas Agatha we have prepared a plan that will help you eliminate skin blemishes:

The first thing we must do to begin to eliminate the spots is to prepare the skin with an Anti-Spots Phototherapy treatment in which the spots are eliminated through depigmenting active principles plus the application of a special light. Another ideal treatment is the aesthetic medical peel. Both treatments are available in our beauty and aesthetic centers, consult us on the most appropriate for your case.

After these treatments in our cabins, we must continue with a daily care at home in an exceptional and strict manner. Here are some of the most recommended daily treatments:

Carita creates PROGRESSIF NEOMORPHOSE an anti-stain cream that also intensely moisturizes the skin, thanks to its concentrated assets unifies the skin tone by regulating the pigmentation of the skin, its content in xylose, acetyl C and white mulberry extract that acts in against the signs that cause premature aging of the skin. For a better result, apply in the morning and at night.
Bella Aurora, the anti-spot expert, brings us B7 ANTI SPOT, a regenerative treatment that clears depigmenting the skin. It focuses on skin blemishes to unify the tone and also restore the skin’s radiance, also protects the skin thanks to its SPF 15, contains hyaluronic acid and plant polymers that hydrate the skin for 24 hours. It also acts as anti-aging.
Sisley brings CONCENTRÉ CORRECTEUR TACHES, the intensive concentrated treatment perfect to eliminate skin blemishes. Its assets with high potential work on 3 levels, contains a complex that lightens the stain regardless of size or intensity, its extract content of the fig tree flower combined with salicylic acid contains exfoliating properties that help the stain be minimized. This treatment acts both on the spots caused by age and those caused by the sun or simply skin imperfections, within 4 weeks clearer, reduced and blurred patches.
To avoid spots on the skin, remember to take care of your skin before, during and after sun exposure, even in winter, since the sun is there all year round.