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Mother’s Day is coming! And so we leave you some gift suggestions for the most special woman in the world. We know that sometimes it could be difficult to choose the perfect gift , but with these products we guarantee you that the success is assured.

Mother’s Day gifts in Tiendas Agatha

REPETTO PARIS is a fragrance inspired by the world of ballet with a delicate and sensual essence. From floral family, with notes of pear, cherry blossom and base notes of vanilla, amber and white musk. It is perfect for everyday use.
NARCISO POUDRÉE is the new perfume of the brand Narciso Rodriguez. With a characteristic aroma, when a woman takes this perfume she is involved in an essence that is very easily recognized. Its scent enhances femininity and seduction, thanks to its powdery musk notes, Bulgarian rose and jasmine.

BOUCHERON PLACE VENDOME. If you want a special perfume, this would be the best choice. It is a cocktail of sensations that make it a real treat for the senses. Notes of orange, honey and jasmine are mixed.

LIU JO EAU DE PARFUM is for those women looking for a fresh and fruity essence. It contains an acidic mixture of orange, lemon, sweet raspberry and floral jasmine. Perfect for the most dynamic women.

Mother’s Day gifts in Tiendas Agatha

COLLISTAR NERO SUBLIME is a cream for all skin types. Its functions are to illuminate, moisturise and detoxify the skin from both external agents and own production of free radicals. This is achieved thanks to the Hydrolyzed black pearls wich has a detoxifying and renewing action. These beads make the cream black coloured, without taking any dye so it does not not stain the skin or clothing. It also contains black orchid extract which protects and repairs, and white gardenia that regenerates and firms.

SUPERSTART SKIN RENEWAL BOOSTER is a serum with capacity for renewal and regeneration, able to get a healthy and protected skin. It also contains probiotics that improve the natural defenses of the skin.

NATURA BISSÉ C + C VITAMIN is a specific line of products to treat skin based on high concentrations of Vitamin C. This makes the skin look bright, reasserted and moisturized and protected from the production of free radicals that are the cause of skin aging.

Mother’s Day gifts in Tiendas Agatha

GRAND ENTRANCE ELIZABETH ARDEN. This mascara is a luxury for our eyelashes, a real all terrain that enhances the length and thickness. Thanks to its curved brush, it lifts lashes to infinity. Also it has ingredients to nourish and repair.

PURE COLOR ENVY GLOSS Estee Lauder. If you want to highlight your lips naturally, with a contribution of color and brightness this is your product. It leaves lips hydrated and provides long lasting natural volume, perfect for those days when our lips are the protagonists.

OMBRE MATTE CLARINS. These shades are a combination of powder and cream texture that makes application easy, quick and perfect to give a touch of color in our eyes. We can combine different colours to achieve a more striking end or we can choose one with a light color to illuminate the eye . Available in 8 colours something that ensures that we will find the ideal one for every woman.