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Getting a natural and beautiful tan is not easy. It requires long periods in the sun and a series of precautions to avoid burns. That is why keeping it is very important. In this new post we are going to give you a series of tips to help you prolong tan for longer.

Do not give up that beautiful dark color on your skin when your holidays are over. With a simple care we can prolong tan for a longer time. Let’s divide this post into 2 parts: Care to keep the skin bronzed during the time of sun exposure, and the care to keep the tan once the sun time is over.

Cares during sunbathing time
First of all, there are 2 basic actions during the time that we are styling ourselves that beautiful tan that we hope to achieve. In order for the tan to settle on our skin, you simply have to follow these 2 tips:

During sun exposure, always use sunscreen. The sun is more dangerous every year so we must always take it with caution and adequate protection. That’s why, even if your skin is already tanned, it still a must to use sun protection. This will prevent burns, which eliminates the tan obtained.
Use After-sun after each sun exposure. The hydration that after-sun provides, will prevent the peeling skin. This will help the tan to last longer.
Cares after sunbathing time
Once the desired tan is achieved, and after finishing the season of exposure to the sun, you should not give up that tan. To keep it, follow these tips:

Never stop using sunscreen, especially on the face. Keep in mind that the sun is harmful in any situation, even walking on the street.
It is necessary to exfoliate the skin at least once a week as it improves the health of the dermis, which contributes to prolong the tan. Removing dead skin cells from both the body and the face helps to improve the tone of the skin, which will also show illuminated.
Even if you are not sunbathing, you need to keep using an After sun, if the skin is still brown, applying it after the shower, instead of a body moisturizer. This type of product contains actives that help to prolong the tan and will give your skin the necessary hydration. Use an After-Sun that is a tanning extender as it contains peptides and antioxidants that will help you to maintain tan.
Use a self-tanning product. Even if you are not going to expose yourself to the sun, because your skin is brown, the self-tanner will enhance the tan tone of your skin.
Use bronzing powder for your face. During the time that your skin remains with a darker tone to its natural tone, it is advisable not to use makeup foundation, replacing it with this product. If you give a touch of solar powder your tone will look radiant, achieving a spectacular makeup.
Add to your diet foods that boost the tan and also healthy ones such as tomatoes, carrots, watermelon and vegetables with intense green leaves such as spinach. Also tyrosine foods like almonds, avocado, salmon, soy and egg whites will help you keep those darker tones on your skin for longer.
Drink plenty of water, it is necessary to keep your body hydrated, your skin will look radiant since hydration comes from inside, which will help keep that brown color on your skin.
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