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Every day we are more integrated among new makeup techniques, new cosmetics, new tools and a host of new features. But what do we know about removing makeup?

In my experience as a beauty consultant, I have seen that we are quite lost as to routines. Without going any further, many of us we do not even know what kind of skin we have. It is very important to know it in order to determine which beauty products we should use.

Let the beginning! What kind of skin you have?

We will make a summary broadly:

Dry skin: Loss of light, tightness, premature signs of expression.
Oily skin: Excess of sebum, blackheads, acne.
Combination skin: A combination of dry and oily skin.
Sensitive Skin: Redness, itching, reactive, peeling.
One of the mistakes that most usually make is not using the right product, adapted to the needs of our skin, or even worse, use products that may produce the rebound effect on our skins.

Makeup remover Tiendas Agatha

There are many products that clean the skin, but first we have to remove from our face makeup, sebum and impurities, accumulated during the day.

We can use different products according to your skin type:

Dry skin: oily products with a fat base such as a cleanser or a oily cleanser to easily remove makeup are recommended.
Sensitive skin: Micellar water for dry or sensitive skin is commonly used, because it is easy to use as makeup removal and avoid skin irritation.
Oily skin: You can use micellar water or cleansing milk, but always avoiding products containing oil. The second step is very important for this type of skin as it will remove all debris and impurities.
Makeup remover in Tiendas Agatha

The second step is to clean the skin with soap in order to purify, and here we can choose various types, depending on our type of skin or tastes.

There are people who like their gel to make a lot of foam, and other like it to have a creamier texture, but ultimately you have to clean the skin with the gel to remove traces of makeup, bacteria or sweat. And it is in this super important step where we often fail.

First of all it is important to forget the wipes, they are only used in emergencies!

How to remove or apply the product? We all know the rounded cottons, but what if I tell you that it damages and scratches your skin? Just as important it is to use good products for removing makeup as it is to use tools for this ritual and for this the sponges perfect! They are easy to clean and are reusable so we are also protecting the environment.

Makeup remover Sponge chief Sensai