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Your perfume is something so special and so personal that could be considered our “letter of presentation”. Depending on the scent we choose, our look will vary to the worls. For this “presentation” we have a WIDE RANGE OF PERFUMES, from intense aromas, to soft, fruity, floral, woody… thousands of options from which to choose the aroma that best represents us.

But, what do we look for when it comes to perfume? Mainly a simple thing: That your fragrance lasts all day and more!. We start our day and we use our favorite perfume, and we want that when we get back home we can hear “How good you smell!”, or that when we cross with someone, he can smell our wake. Or even more, we want our Acquaintances to know our fragrance just by smelling it.

It is a challenge for a perfume to remain all day, but from Tiendas Agatha we will explaiyou how to use it to ensure that the fragrance lasts longer, and that it is perceived better.

How to apply the perfume for a longer last?
Where do we apply our favorite perfume to last longer? It is the most important issue to guarantee us a lasting aroma in our skin.

It is well known that the wrists and neck are the points where we all apply the perfume. Both parts are pulse zones, from which the body gives off heat. However, there are other areas where spraying the perfume will help the fragrance to stay longer, and also to smell more:

Where To Spray Perfume

There is the inner area of ​​the elbows, back of the knee, and here comes the punch! The navel!. Yes you read well, it seems a joke but it is not. As we have explained above, the pulse points and the areas that give off heat are the most suitable for applying a perfume, and the navel area is one of them. So that you do not feel strange using your perfume on the navel, we will tell you that the well known model Adriana Lima has confessed that she never leaves her home without perfuming her navel.

Another important factor is hydration. We will gain many points if our skin is perfectly hydrated, since the fat that contains the creams cause the duration of the perfume to increase. However this is another point that we will talk about in another post.

So, for now, once you come out of the shower, pour cream and apply the perfume in the points mentioned, you will see how you will be the center of attention for your aroma!

how to apply perfume

So far, our advice on where to apply our favorite perfume to make it last longer. In successive posts, we will inform you about other tips and tricks so that the fragrance stays more on the skin.