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It is well known that we, women, want everything, and that we are especially demanding when it comes to beauty. As a result, cosmetic surgery has been widely democratized and some dermatologists perform more aesthetic than medical procedures. For its part, the brands of cosmetics and skin care, are forced to strive every day to meet our expectations.

For that reason, for us, demanding women, who dream at the same time with an impeccable skin, a dreamy complexion and a perfectly drawn oval, Guerlain brings us two answers: the answer “perfect skin”, PEELING, and the answer “contours perfect “, THE LIFTING. And all this gathered in a single Serum.

Guerlain launches ABEILLE ROYALE DOUBLE R SERUM, the first serum that brings together in a single gesture the best of SOFT-PEELING, very smooth and without its drawbacks, and the best of the Abeille Royale CORRECTIVE TECHNOLOGY for a LIFTING EFFECT. Two serums in one to get the best result.

Abeille Royale Doble R, comes in a container with two separate serums, but a single product outlet, so that we can use it directly when pressing the applicator, mixing both serums in the perfect size to use them on our skin.

The DOBLE R serum formula incorporates 3 types of AHA (cosmetic skin acids) with different penetration capabilities

Glycolic acid is the smallest AHA and also the most exfoliating. Thanks to its small size, it can penetrate more deeply than the other AHAs inside the epidermis.
Lactic Acid, larger than Glycolic, remains in the superficial layers of the epidermis, where it softens the cells to expel them better.
Finally, citric acid, the largest AHA, acts on the surface of the skin and gives it a finer texture.

To allow their progressive and continuous diffusion at the same time, these AHA are distributed in layers that create a labyrinth that slows down their penetration in the skin, to prolong the time that our skin is subjected to its action. This technology achieves, on the one hand, the continuous diffusion of the AHA, by prolonging the contact time with the skin, increasing its effectiveness. On the other hand, its progressive and smooth diffusion is less aggressive for the skin and avoids the inconveniences usually linked to acids. Thanks to this technology, cell renewal is accelerated twice but respecting the epidermis.

The benefit of the Double R serum is, as the name suggests, double:

On the one hand, we have the serum with Renew effect, the most visible part of the treatment. Its objective is to reshape the skin of the face, redefining the contours, attacking wrinkles and imperfections like pores, also providing luminosity.
On the other side of the packaging, the Repair serum focuses on treating the skin from within, working on the deep layers of the skin to achieve a lifting effect.

All this is achieved with a single product and with a single gesture. The result is a “NEW SKIN” EFFECT: the complexion regains its luminosity, wrinkles and pores become blurred!

For its application, Guerlain advises us to use it together with other products from the same ABEILLE ROYALE LINE. It is recommended for all skin types, and for perfect use, it is best to use Abeille Royale oil before applying the Double R Serum, and then apply the daily or night moisturizer of the Abeille Royale line. This guarantees a perfect result, since each cream complements the other.

You can buy Guerlain Abeille Royale Doble R at the best price in our ONLINE STORE and in our PERFUME SHOPS.