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Eyelashes are one of the keys to a perfect look, as they help us highlight our features and give us personality. Therefore, we have introduced in our catalog of eyelash care products a spectacular product, Evoeye Eyelash from Evobeaute. In addition, complementing it with Evoeye Eyebrow, we will ensure the perfect eye look. If you want to know how it can help you get perfect eyelashes and eyebrows, read on.

Created by a group of doctors, clinically tested and also tested safely, we can say that Evobeaute has come up with the perfect formula to get longer and denser eyelashes. EVOEYE EYELASH effectively enhances eyelashes, and all naturally.

Thanks to its formula, it prevents and repairs the deterioration of the eyelashes, caused both by external agents, such as the sun, cold, or natural hair loss, as well as by the aggressive effects of some cosmetics and other treatments. Its formula is not aggressive since it has been scientifically and ophthalmically tested, and its effectiveness is guaranteed by its clinical trials.

Tested by several of our beauty counselors Agatha, we have been able to verify that the results are visible in just 4 weeks. We can say that EvoEye Eyelash is a revolutionary serum that regenerates and recovers even the most damaged eyelashes by aggressions and even by age. The best product we have had the opportunity to try for the care and beauty of eyelashes.

It is applied very simply, at the root of the tab as if it were an eyeliner. Important not to apply it on the bottom line, or use more than once a day. It is recommended to apply for 6 weeks on a daily basis, and then use it 2 or 3 times per week, as a maintenance.

But Evobeaute does not stay there in his attempt to get a perfect eye look and has also thought about less populated eyebrows. For this, they have developed EVOEYE EYEBROW, which helps to have denser and abundant eyebrows in just 4 weeks. Its active ingredients, optimally combined, stimulate the growth of the eyebrows through the hair follicles asleep in the area of ​​the eyebrows. In a short time, hair cells are stimulated sufficiently for optimal eyebrow growth, becoming stronger for effective growth.

Evoeye Eyebrow gets young and vigorous eyebrows. Its innovative formula conditions, beautifies and strengthens the eyebrows in a natural way, getting hair to grow even in the dense areas.

Its use is very simple: We will apply Evo Eyebrow during the night on the eyebrows or in the area where we want more growth and let dry for a few minutes. If a greater result is desired we will apply Evoeye Eyebrow on the eyebrows both in the morning and at night.

We encourage you to try EvoEye Eyelash and Evoeye Eyebrow, and give us your opinion. You can buy both products in our PERFUME SHOPS or in our ONLINE STORE.