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We have a new entry on our blog for you, this time dedicated to the CLARINS eye shadow in cream, the Ombre Matte and Irisdicente collection.

We are completely in love with its texture. It is a eye shadow in cream texture, but it has a powder finish that makes them easy to apply and blend.

Clarins eye shadow in cream in tiendas Agatha

It contains soft focus powders that enhance the look, thanks to the quality of transmitting light because of its small pigments and bamboo extract, which provides a long lasting shade.

We have made a selection of the most beautiful collections of both colors. All of them are very silky and various combinations can be made:

Apply directly on the eyelid: you get a natural finish.
Apply both: for a more structured makeup.
Apply powder shadows below: You will strengthen the color of makeup.
Apply above the shadows powder: get a more textured makeup.
Here you can see them with different natural and artificial lights!

Clarins eye shadow in cream in Tiendas Agatha

Do not hesitate to try them, you will be delighted.