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Red is the color par excellence for a perfect lip make-up. A red lipstick, achieves by itself a spectacular makeup, and a dazzling look. For this, we must choose a red that is suitable for our lips.

However, we run into a problem when we go to buy our red lipstick: There is an infinity of different shades and it is difficult to choose the correct one. Do not worry, at Tiendas Agatha will help you choose the perfect red for your lips.

In the makeup stands of our favorite brands we can find red lipstick for all tastes: pure red, strawberry for whiter skin, red with brown base or fuchsia for darker skin, red orange, ideal for redheads. However, the wide range of existing products means that we can pass on the most important nuances of each color to achieve a perfect finish in good makeup.

In addition to the great variety of tones, there is another complication: We are not sure whether to choose our lipstick in matt red, satin or gloss…

To choose the perfect red lipstick, not only do we have to take into account our tastes. We must also take into account the tone that best goes with our skin type, and this is not an easy task, but it is vital to wear a good makeup. Therefore, you must determine if your skin is whiter, olive, almond, brown or dark.

Once checked our skin tone, it will be easier to determine the red lipstick that best suits us:

If our skin is lighter, the ideal thing is to buy a blue red coral lipstick.
For medium-toned skin, it is best to choose natural red lipsticks or cranberry tone.
If we have darker skin the ideal is to opt for dark reds like brick tone.
You’ve already found your red lipstick. As a last tip, you have to remember that whatever the tone, if you power your lips with a strong color to stand out, you must make sure that the rest of your makeup is as natural and simple as possible, letting the lips be the center of attention with a striking and dazzling red.

In Tiendas Agatha we have a wide range of lipsticks of all colors, from the main beauty and makeup brands in the world. In addition, we will help you find the one that best suits you, with your skin tone and style. Do not hesitate to approach your nearest AGATHA PERFUME SHOP or contact us through our CONTACT FORM.