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uniformity of tone and lack of luminosity.

To begin to understand how My C.L.E can help you in your beauty routine, we must understand the concept of Gadget. A gadget is an electronic device, usually of advanced technology, that arises to respond to a specific need. In this case, Carita has created a device that uses professional beauty salon technology, for home use.

C.L.E. stands for Cinetic Lift Expert, which comes to mean “Expert in lifting”. Based on this principle, Carita has created a powerful multifunctional beauty device that combines 2 energies, Microcurrents and LED lights. It’s goal is to treat the skin at home, as if you were in a beauty salon. In fact, in our beauty cabins we use My CLE as a complement to many of our treatments.

On the one hand, we will use microcurrents, responsible for achieving the desired lifting effect on our skin. With it, we will treat wrinkles, and lines of expression, as well as flaccidity. Depending on the sensitivity of each skin we can use 5 different levels.

On the other hand, the LED lights help to stimulate the activity of the cells to enhance the benefits of the cosmetic products we use, that is, they help our creams to give their best. Below we detail what we can use each level of LED for:

Red LED (630nm): Provides firmness. Stimulates the fibroblasts of the skin, increasing the production of collagen and elasticity of the skin.
Blue LED (460nm). Eliminate imperfections. It acts directly on the imperfections of the skin and has cleansing and purifying power.
Green LED (525nm) Helps to unify the tone of our skin, preventing the appearance of spots.
White LED. It is a combination of the previous ones so that the skin recovers its luminosity.
In addition, Carita has a wide range of serums, which combined with the My CLE beauty device, form the perfect pair to combat skin problems:

To achieve firmness in the facial contour, we will use the Progressif Néomorphose Fundamental Filler Serum, using the microcurrents and the red LED light with static movements.
If we want greater uniformity in the skin, we can use the Progressif Néomorphose Fundamental Clearing Sérum, with microcurrents and green LED light, with circular movements.
For the Perfecting of the skin, the ideal is to apply the Ideal Serum Controle Powder together with microcurrents and the Blue LED light, while we carry out a sweep from front to back.
To recover the luminosity of the skin, we will use the Ideal Hydratation Lagoon Serum in combination of microcurrents with the White LED light and we will make circular movements in the form of 3.
Also at the time of performing these treatments we will feel a pleasant sensation with which we will also achieve surprising results from the first use. It is very easy and fast to use. It is enough to use the light that corresponds to the problem of the skin that we want to treat during 4 minutes a day. We can take it anywhere to perform our beauty treatments.

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