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Have you ever spent so much time at home? The answer is probably no. now we have to adapt to new habits, from the way of training to the way of working telematically or even how to spend free time. Having so much free time also allows us to return to an aspect that we usually neglect, our daily beauty routine. Therefore, today we bring you a simple and effective routine for these days of quarantine.

Home life also affects your skin and it´s care needs some changes. The good part is that, in general, these changes will be for the best, since the skin will not be subject to many of the factors that damage it on a day-to-day basis: The radiation emitted by sunlight, environmental pollution with its fears Free radicals or even the obstruction that some makeups can cause in the pores of the skin… All those are factors that we avoid these days of confinement and that give a break to our skin.

In addition, we have more free time now, so there is no excuse for not spending a little more time and taking care of the skin on our face. You will appreciate it when all this ends and you look spectacular!

Don’t forget cleansing of the skin
On the one hand, it is essential that you do not neglect daily facial cleaning, both day and night. This is something that many people do not give enough importance to, but we will not tire of repeating: It is necessary to clean our skin every day, preferably twice a day, even if you have not used make up. In the environment there are dirt and toxins that can harm the skin and although it may not seem like it, the dirt accumulates in the pores causing other problems in it.

We need more hydration
You may wonder why being at home, we need to hydrate our skin more often. The explanation is simple; Using heating for many hours can cause dehydration of the skin or even peeling and itching. To remedy this, it is advisable to include products that enhance hydration and contain antioxidant actives in your usual day and night beauty routine.

Your Beauty routine
Here is the example of a simple beauty routine so that you have no excuse to take care of yourself, and that will help you keep your skin hydrated and radiant:

We apply a lotion which will serve as a driver for the next treatment to have more effect. It will also provide us with extra hydration in the skin.
Then it is time to nourish our skin. To do this, we will apply our preferred serum. If we want to provide an extraordinarily nourishing treatment to the skin, we can apply in the morning any serum that contains C Vitamin, which provides luminosity as well as hydration to the skin. At night we can apply a serum with retinol that acts as a powerful anti-aging, as it fills wrinkles and hydrates.
Finally we apply the moisturizer that we are using to seal the serum and provide even more treatment and therefore greater effectiveness to the skin.
The details make the difference. Therefore, if we spend a little time on small areas, such as the eye area, we will achieve incredible results: Keeping it hydrated helps us minimize dark circles, bags and expression lines.
It may seem like we have to go through many steps, but once you create your personal beauty routine, and you’re done with it, it won’t take more than 10 minutes. It is very important to keep the skin cared for, we will feel better and it will thank us with a radiant look.

So far our tips to take care of yourself at home during quarantine. Do you have any questions, suggestions or want to tell us about your routine? We will be looking forward to reading it in the comments.