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Get ready for Summer!
Summer is coming, and it’s time to get ready to be perfect. That is why in this Post we are going to show you some products that for us are the Top 10 of the cosmetics, perfumery and makeup in this time and that will help you to be perfect at the time of year in which we can shine.

Body care
Collistar Body Scrub Nero Sublime is a unique and exceptional scrub to prepare your skin. It is an exfoliating mask that regenerates the skin and brings shine and detox thanks to its active ingredients. Plus, it eliminates the dead cells, providing hydration to your skin.

Abdomen and Hips Reduction Patches from Collistar are the revolution in the world of body treatments. These patches formulated from high technology, reshape abdomen and hips. When on the skin, the patch gradually releases its active ingredients for 8 hours thanks to its two infallible ingredients such as caffeine and garcinia that are well known for their draining properties. They can be used under the underwear as it creates a second skin.

Facial care
Collistar Nature gives us the opportunity to create a variety of creams from a base by adding a different ingredient. It is a 100% natural and homemade treatment. The base cream is velvety and rich in nutrients that moisturizes the skin, softens it and makes it smooth. To create your own scrub, just add to the base sugar cane cream. To create your nourishing treatment, just add to the base oil cream. For an illuminating treatment, add yogurt. For a revitalizing mask, add honey. For a purifying impact treatment, add lemon juice.

Payot Sun Sensi Mist, is a high protection sun product to protect your skin against aging, thanks to its composition with antioxidants Cell-Protect, Vitamins C and E and a soothing formula that guarantees optimum comfort. It is ideal for all types of even clear and sensitive skins.

Sensai Fluid Finish Lasting Velvet semi-soft make-up fills instantly with the skin providing a velvety finish with a long lasting and soft effect. Thanks to its ingredients Fuji Sensui Water and Koishimaru Silk, it spreads quickly and easily providing hydration and a feeling of freshness.

Bronzing Powder
Chen Yu Terre Glamour, is tanning powder with a nice finish on the skin, lasting throughout the day and containing moisturizing ingredients to keep your skin perfect for any situation or time of day.

Lipstick and lip pencil
Clarins Lipstick Rouge Eclat. Thanks to its unctuous formula makes your lips get an intense color with a soft satin finish. One of its most important ingredients is Salicornia bio and Mango Oil, which provides intense hydration to the lips for 6 hours and brings softness and comfort.

Clarins Stylo 4 Colors, is a pencil containing 4 mines of different colors containing sunflower wax, jojoba and black acacia to avoid damaging the eyelids or the lips. Three colors that will highlight your look (Black, Brown and Deep Blue) and a natural beige color to outline your lips to prevent the makeup of your lips from moving.

Nail polish
Yves Saint Laurent Couture Nail Lacquer is an elegant and practical range, with shades ranging from the subtle and natural to the most vibrant and attractive colors that provide a high gloss finish giving a touch of glamour. Its long-lasting formula with Chil Rose (Strengthening Oil) prevents nails from cracking or breaking. Thanks to the design of the brush, it is evenly applied achieving a perfect finish.

Mademoiselle is the new fragrance of Rochas for this summer. Fruity and floral, the floral notes give a sensual touch that every woman looks for and the fruity notes awaken the most sparkling side. Thanks to the combination of the notes it gives rise to a unique aroma becoming the second skin of the woman.

We hope to have been helpful and we remind you that all these products can be found in any of our perfume shops and in our online store.