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Sisley Youth Protector Face SPF50+


Shop online Sisley Youth Protector Face SPF50+ at the best price.

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Very high sun protection that helps to protect the skin in an exceptional way from the damaging agents of the sun, also prevents premature aging of the skin, Sisley incorporates high-performance treatment assets, also contains vitamin E acetate and edelweiss extract acts as Free anti-radicals, it also protects the skin at the cellular level by protecting the DNA. Camellia oil strengthens the skin’s barrier so that it maintains its hydration, thus improving its resistance to external aggressions. Its creamy texture is due to shea butter, camellia oil and mango extract help the skin recover its elasticity, it does not leave an oily sensation penetrating the skin instantly, it does not leave a whitening effect, it is waterproof, it is not a comedogen.



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