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Sisley Sisleya Serum Eclat-Anti-dark spots 30 Ml


Shop online Sisley Sisleya Serum Eclat-Anti-dark spots 30 Ml at the best price.

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Sisley Sisleya Serum Eclat-Anti Stains has a powerful composition that combines vitamin A with a mixture of extracts of essential oils of lavender, Rosewood and Geranium, as well as extracts of Nasturtium, White Mulberry, Alquequenje Chalice, Skullcap, Prickly Pear and White mulberry.This unique combination developed by Sisley makes the skin of the face and neckline acquire a great luminosity since it acts directly on the microcirculation of the skin and the synthesis of melanins, which makes it act directly eliminating unsightly brown spots.In addition to these effects, thanks to its application we will obtain a radiant, smooth and younger skin since the skin tends to regain its natural appearance and tone.At Agatha Stores we like this combination with which Sisley has ventured, which has proven to be effective in treating stains and luminosity.We also like its smooth and fine texture, which quickly penetrates the skin without leaving a feeling of heaviness.We recommend it whether your goal is to remove unsightly brown spots or if you notice that your skin is duller and has lost its original juiciness.



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