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Declaré Vegan Nature Night Spa Moisturizing Cream


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Declaré Vegan Nature Revitalizing Night Cream and Mask, hydrates the skin promoting relaxation and rest, regenerates the skin during the night helping it to forget daily stress and strengthening it to face a new day. We can use it as a routine at night, applying it quickly by applying a thin layer or leaving it to act overnight by applying a thicker layer. Vegan Nature is aimed at an audience that wants to take care of itself while respecting the environment without sacrificing the effectiveness of a treatment. 90% of the ingredients are natural, the glass is recyclable and of high quality and the paper leaflet has been removed. Instead, they have chosen to use a QR code to access all the details of the product. It also leaves on the skin a rich fruity aroma with top notes of mandarin, lemon and apple, its heart notes are peach and peony and its base notes are cedar wood.



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