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Sensai Cellular Performance Emulsion III


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Sensai Serum Dual Essence restores luminosity to the skin as well as providing extraordinary hydration, thanks to its star ingredient, Koishimaru Silk Royal silk, enriched with botanical oils, enrich the daily skin care in a unique way. The skin recovers its youth, its revitalization and its luminosity. Its oil face provides softness to the skin while the essence phase hydrates the skin. How can we use it: • Apply in the morning and / or at night after the lotion to achieve an enriched essence. • Mix 1-2 drops into makeup to achieve a luminous finish. • Mix 1 or 2 drops in the moisturizer to enrich it even more. • Mix 1 or 2 drops in our body cream for greater skin silkiness and luminosity. • Apply to nails and cuticles for extra hydration.



Kanebo, Ltd. was a Japanese manufacturer of textile and cosmetics. It was originally established in 1887. In 2004, the cosmetic branch was transferred to Kanebo Cosmetics Inc. and the brand name became Sensai shortly thereafter. Sensai is a prestigious skin care brand that has been created on the basis of Japan's avant-garde but always looking to meet the most demanding needs of western markets. The philosophy of the Japanese brand is based on the search for infinite beauty, and its goal is to create a perfect and silky skin, and enhance the unique beauty of each woman, through the fusion of science and nature. In the production of its cosmetic treatments combines the most advanced technology with a natural ingredient and which is the basis of its treatment products: Koishimaru Silk, its most important patent, discovered during the textile era of the company. The hands of the workers looked young and smooth when working daily with this silk. Sensai has also developed a complete range of top quality make-up and color products, combining oriental and western fashion trends. In 2015, the brand launched their first fragrance, Sensai the Silk, available as perfume and eau de toilette. Their innovative cosmetic products, and make-ups always adapted to the latest trends, have led Sensai to be one of the most important beauty firms in the world. Its products are available in selective perfumeries and major department stores in Europe, the United States, the Middle East and South Africa. Tiendas Agatha - Perfumería y Estética is authorized official distributor of Sensai brand.

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