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Estee Lauder Hydrationist Dry Skin


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Experience instant hydration and fight the appearance of aging. Hydration is one of the main defenses against the signs of premature aging. Therefore, Hydrationist acts to make your skin look younger. With its use, the skin hydration barrier is reinforced by 50% * thanks to the exclusive Sustainable Hydration Complex ™, with its continued use, you will be able to notice year after year a skin that looks younger and healthier. Hydrationist leaves your complexion looking more youthful and healthy. The exclusive Biomimetic Water is “structured”, so it is easily absorbed and in the deepest layers of the skin. You can experience its restorative benefits instantly, stimulates, balances and maintains optimal levels of skin hydration. Cream for dry skin gives a feeling of comfort and provides elasticity through its soothing emollients and its exquisite texture.

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