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Carita Ideal Controle Powder Emulsion 50 ml


Shop online Carita Ideal Controle Powder Emulsion 50 ml at the best price.

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Carita concentrates all the power of hydration in this emulsion, leaving the skin hydrated in a perfect way, acting on the skin from the deepest layers of the skin, in order to work the different layers that compose it, leaving the skin without shine with a Matte appearance at the time and throughout the day, thanks to its extract of Biotech de Lino helps to control the excess of fat in the skin besides limiting the appearance of imperfections in the skin, another of its components is Pure Youth Complex that helps retarding the appearance of an aging sign on the skin helps to maintain firmness and elasticity in the skin by balancing the flora of the skin. For greater effectiveness apply in the morning and at night after the routine of cleansing the skin.

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