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Skin79 Rice Bubble Cleansing Mask


Shop online Skin79 Rice Bubble Cleansing Mask at the best price.

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Skin79 Rice Bubble Cleansing Mask cleanses the skin in depth, affecting the pores thanks to its cleansing bubbles.Its rice content smoothes the skin and provides luminosity, leaving it soft and radiant.We recommend applying on clean and dry skin and leaving it on for 10-15 minutes.Remove and massage with the remaining bubbles that have remained on the face.Rinse with lukewarm water and apply the products of our daily beauty routine.



Skin79 is a Korean cosmetics brand created in 2004. It is considered to be the most prestigious beauty firm in Asia. Its philosophy is based on creating effective cosmetics through natural ingredients . Along with an image of modern and simple brand, it has led Skin79 to a worldwide expansion in few years.

The successful cosmetic firm Skin79 has managed to become the best brand of Korean beauty thanks to two pillars: Development of effective and safe treatments thanks to the combination of ingredients from nature and innovative techniques made ​​with the latest technology.

The flagship Skin79 product is definitely the BB Cream. Not surprisingly, the Korean brand has coined the term BB Cream-mania. Skin79 has created a BB Cream for every need, seeking to satisfy all the needs of the skin.

Its expansion began to Europe through Spain, opening its first retail store in Europe in the city of Madrid. Currently, Skin79 is present in over 20 countries on 5 continents through both own stores as official dealers as Tiendas Agatha.

Tiendas Agatha – Perfumes and Cosmetics is official dealer of the brand Skin79.