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Sensai Ultimate The Lotion 75 ml

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Ultimate is the most exclusive range of Sensai, which works from the depths of the skin to end the problems that cause aging. Sensai Ultimate Lotion contains two potentially active ingredients such as Sakura Eternal which repairs the skin from damage at the genetic level that causes ultra violet rays and external agents thus preventing the appearance of blemishes, lines of expression and wrinkles. The Koishimaru Silk Extract brings lightness and vitality to the skin. Sensai Ultimate Lotion activates the vitality of the skin, nourishes, moisturizes and repairs the skin thanks to that it melts at the moment with the skin reaching to the deepest. Its texture is silky, adapts perfectly to all types of skins, including the most sensitive. For greater efficiency apply morning and evening with the skin completely clean until it is completely absorbed.

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