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Clarins Double Serum 30 ml Gift Set


Shop online Clarins Double Serum 30 ml Gift Set at the best price.

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Clarins Double Serum is a treatment that exerts a powerful anti-aging action. Thanks to its biphasic formula, it perfectly intertwines six main functions to prevent premature aging of the skin, such as hydration, protection, skin regeneration, nutrition, oxygenation and anti-aging.Clarins Double Serum strengthens the skin by eliminating the signs of aging, blurring and eliminating fine lines and wrinkles while restoring luminosity and uniformity.Its composition, made up of 21 plant extracts, makes the skin recover its elasticity, firmness and smoothness, reaching the deepest layers. Its most powerful ingredient, turmeric, prevents the skin from oxidizing, helping cells to regenerate effortlessly over the days. Clarins Double Serum is the most complete and effective treatment against skin aging, including the most sensitive skin.



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