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Clarins Hydra-Essentiel + Gift


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This cream is oil free and intensely hydrant under any circumstances. With this new line called Hydra-Essentiel. Clarins wanted to take another step in the correct hydration of our skin. This advanced treatment helps retain water from the skin, and all this thanks to its secret ingredient, the air sheet. Its extract reactivates the self-moisturizing power of our skin. Deeply hydrate the skin with the Clarins SOS Hydra mask by subjecting the skin in a hydration bath, acting on the cells that hydrate the skin so that they keep the skin hydrated when they need it most with just 10 minutes, the skin regains its flexibility, leaving the skin with a feeling of freshness, smooth and toned, in addition the skin regains its luminosity naturally, its content in hyaluronic acid and kiwi that provides vitamins A, B and E nourish the skin cells thus favoring The luminosity of the skin. Clarins creates some bases that will perfect your skin this spring, depending on your type and skin tone and the needs of the face, they help restore the luminosity to the skin naturally, thanks to its texture. Its content of sea lily extract makes this SOS base perfect, moisturizes the skin preparing it for makeup so that the duration of this is longer, obtaining a skin with zero imperfections, the skin breathes and is protected from agents external, since it contains a high content of anti-pollution.

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