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Zadig & Voltaire Just Rock For Her Eau de Parfum


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Zadig & Voltaire brings us its new fragrance Just Rock a fragrance for women with a casual, impertinent but at the same time elegant style, it certainly goes with the values ​​of Zadig & Voltaire, its creators are the same as the previous fragrance This is Her, without However Just Rock goes to the basics but with shocking ingredients, a sensually feminine fragrance composed of a floral combination of Jasmine and Tuberosa. Its output notes are composed of ingredients that transmit calos such as honey juice a creamy, sweet and rich ingredient, its heart is mostly formed by Vanilla that provides a sweet and smoky aroma, its base notes form woody nuances with personality. Just Rock’s packaging continues in the line of its ancestors, composed of glass like a rough stone, a modern and elegant bottle at the same time, just looking at it attracts the attention of any woman, its white color is due to its homage to the Jasmine, the main component of this fragrance.



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