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Hermes Twilly D´Hermes Eau de Parfum


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Hermes Twilly is a perfume designed for the new female generations. A fragrance with character thanks to its three predominant ingredients: Ginger, Tuberose and Sandalwood. It could be said that it is a spicy, warm olfactory combination but with a touch of tenderness. A soft, light fragrance full of sensuality. Its top notes are made up of Ginger. Its heart is made up of Nardos and its base note is Sandalwood. Its sophisticated packaging makes this perfume something unique, fun and modern, recovering the essence of the Hermés brand. Her style is set by her Hermés carré, a silk ribbon that you can combine as a bracelet, hair ribbon or to decorate your bag. His bowler hat is undoubtedly his most classic touch.At Tiendas Agatha we are fascinated by its unique, tender and clean aroma. Its duration is outstanding since it has a very high fixation.



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