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Angel Schlesser Femme Maguique EDP


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Angel Schlesser Femme Magique is an enigmatic and sweet perfume belonging to the Oriental Vanilla family that has a unique and captivating aroma.This fragrance defines women who shine with their own light, sweet, charming and sensual.Its top notes composed of Grapefruit, Bergamot, Raspberry and Lemon provide a sweet and fresh entry.Its heart perfectly combines florals and addictive touches of Gardenia, Jasmine, Orange Blossom and Iris. Finally, its background includes notes of Vanilla, Licorice, Musk, Cedar and Amber, a magical combination that gives it that characteristic touch and sensual to the fragrance.At Agatha Stores we like it because it has become a very special and enigmatic fragrance, thanks to its successful combination of floral, fruit, vanilla and woody notes.Its wake is intense and its duration is outstanding.



Angel Schlesser is a Spanish minimalist fashion designer. The brand offers a full line of perfumery producs, manufactured and distributed selectively by the Spanish company Idesa Parfums. 

Angel Schlesser is characterized by transmitting elegance with his designs. The brand works closely with Idesa Parfums to transmit the values ​​of their couture designs through their perfumes. The fragrances are inspired by the designs of Angel Schlesser, which translates into elegant perfumes, yet subtle, natural, seductive and exotic.

Angel Schlesser Femme was the first perfume of the brand, released in 1999. It included a full line of toiletries, and remains today as the icon perfume of the brand. It has eau de parfum and eau de toilette versions, as well as the male version Angel Schlesser Homme.

Following the success of the first release, Angel Schlesser has continued to create a wide range of fragrances; Pour Elle, Water Jasmine, Vetiver Water, Esprit de Gingembre, Ambre Frais, Flor de Naranjo, Naranjo wood or Pirouette, between many others. Well known perfumers Alberto Morillas as Richard Herpin, Nathalie Lorson, Thierry Wasser, Amandine Marie, Francis Deleamont and Jean Jacques, participated in the creation of these fragrances.

Nowadays Angel Schlesser perfums are distributed in selective perfume shops all over the world.

Tiendas Agatha – Perfumes and Cosmetics is official dealer of the brand Angel Schlesser.

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