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Hermés Eau Neroli Dore Eau de Cologne


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Hermes Eau de Neroli Dore is the fifth creation of Hermes, where the neroli, the essence that expresses the Azahar, makes an appearance in this fragrance in all its splendor. The lively and enveloping freshness is enhanced with saffron. Its great simplicity in olfactory elements creates an exclusive fragrance that transports us to the freshness of the field in a sunset, which is symbolized by its sumptuous golden liquid, trapped in a simple transparent glass bottle. Hermes Eau de Neroli Dore is a fragrance created for both men and women, its output notes corresponds to Bitter Orange, energetic and sparkling, its heart is formed by the Nerolí that in that case is used in abundance when before the perfumers Used in small quantities and its background notes corresponds to the saffron that emits sensuality and exclusivity within reach of all those who want to discover a fresh fragrance with oriental and citric notes.



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