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Bultaco Lobito Original Eau de Toilette


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Lobito de Bultaco is an original fragrance, very aromatic and full of energy, the prestigious motorcycle brand is inspired by the rebellion, seduction and masculinity of bikers, men who like risk sports and who do not lose themselves in the routine, with an overwhelming personality. Its bottle is inspired by Bultaco brand motorcycles, the base of the bottle represents the gasoline fuel cap of motorcycles, one of the best known symbols of the brand, its transparent glass reveals a luminous fragrance surrounded by a yellow stripe that brings modernity and a touch of vibration.  Top notes: an aroma full of vitality thanks to Calabrian bergamot and grapefruit with a subtle touch of lavender, aquatic flowers and Elemi resin. Corazón Heart notes: gaiac wood fused with black pepper and the caress of the geranium flower.  Base notes: sophisticated and seductive notes such as patchouli, vetiver and musky chords



Agatha Paris is a fashion jewelry brand founded by Michel Quiniou. In 2016, the brand gets into the world of beauty with the launch of the fragrances line Agatha Paris.  The prestigious jewelery brand Agatha Paris jumps into the world of perfumes with the launch of its first fragrances line. Agatha Paris perfumes arrive in 2016, with 3 models: The Floral Frut fragrance Agatha L'Amour à Paris, the Oriental Floral fragrance Agatha un soir à Paris and the Oriental fragrance Agatha un matín à Paris. Agatha Stores - Perfumery and Aesthetics is the authorized official distributor of the Agatha Paris brand.

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