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CHIC&LOVE 360º Hair Formula 28 uts


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CHIC&LOVE 360º Hair Formula is a food supplement that combines vitamins, minerals and collagen to boast strong, healthy and longer hair.Its ingredients strengthen the cellular structure of hair, skin and nails.Its patented mechanism of action acts intensively on the hair follicle, making the hair grow more abundantly and the fiber remains intact.We recommend consuming 1 vial per day.



CHIC&LOVE is a brand dedicated to taking care of different needs regarding health and aesthetics thanks to its different lines focused on fitness, yoga and nutritional supplementation. Its line of nutricosmetics is based on the formulation of vitamin complexes that include the best active ingredients and ingredients to achieve the best results in a short time.< Most of its products are presented in fun and pleasant gummy formats, so you can take care of your health and beauty in a different way. Convinced that true beauty lies in the internal health of the body, CHIC&LOVE has developed bioactive formulas that drastically improve the quality of life and enhance the beauty and well-being of each person. Their combinations are vegan and allergen-free, so they are perfect for anyone.