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Semidry-Luxury Kit Pedicure Boots


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Semidry-Luxury pedicure boots which sanitize, disinfect, treat the skin and exfoliate it, nourishing and repairing the skin of the feet, the great forgotten ones. Single-use boots with ingredients that act on the skin to achieve optimal results without effort. The ingredients are: • Hammamelis that soothes the skin. • Vitamin B5 that softens the skin and restores its radiance. • Tea tree, disinfects the feet in a natural way, also acting as a fungicide. • Calcium and keratin for strong and nourished nails. • Urea, for maximum hydration, prevents water loss and therefore dehydration. • Vitamin E, regenerates the skin. • Mateca de Karité for optimal nutrition. With the boots on, we will perform a gentle massage in the areas of the calluses and cuticles, letting the ingredients act.