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The brand PAYOT allows women who are looking for a luxury beauty brand to live an entire experience, that of a beautiful skin, always young. Exclusively dedicated to the care of the skin, Payot accompanies the women from one generation to another, in each moment of its life. The Parisian firm offers a unique alchemy among innovative formulas, fruit of the latest scientific advances. The Payot experience represents the commitment to make women the protagonists of its beauty.

In recent years, Payot Paris has sought to reinvent itself. Therefore, it launches its new UNI SKIN line. The influence of the environment, our lifestyle and age deteriorate the epigenome (the environment of our cellular DNA). The biological balance in the nucleus of the cells is altered and reflected in the face.

UNI SKIN is the biggest innovation of Payot Laboratories: It effectively unifies and corrects all imperfections of the skin, from irregular texture to stains, through dull skin, marks and redness. The result is a unified skin. The skin looks radiant and naturally beautiful, and regains its original luminosity and visibly, looking younger.

Here are the products of the UNI SKIN line from Payot:

Perfect and color your face with UNI SKIN CC CREAM
UNI SKIN CC CREAM is a treatment that unifies, perfects and gives color to your skin, protecting it from UVA rays with SPF 30. Protects the skin on a daily basis by camouflaging skin imperfections.

Application Tip: Apply by gentle movements on the perfectly clean face. We can use it alone or after the moisturizer.

Payot Uni Skin CC Cream SPF 30 40 ml

Power the light of your face with UNI SKIN CONCENTRE PERLES
UNI SKIN CONCENTRE PERLES is an active gel enriched with hyaluronic acid that instantaneously redens the skin. Its precious illuminating pearls fuse perfectly with the active gel, acting as a true enhanced light on the skin. Day after day it reduces the imperfections on the skin, that becomes more homogeneous but more luminous even without makeup

Application Tip: Apply morning and evening on the face, neck and décolleté perfectly cleaned and toned.

Payot Uni Skin Concentré Perles Serum 30 ml

Combat your skin alterations and protect it with UNI SKIN JOUR
UNI SKIN JOUR acts daily to combat cell alterations that cause skin defects, and protects it effectively with to its anti-UVA filter SPF 15. Thanks to its velvety foamy texture leaves your skin with a smooth and silky finish.

Application Tip: Apply in the morning on face and neck perfectly cleaned and toned.

Payot Uni Skin Jour Cream 50 ml

And for your eyes and lips UNI SKIN YEUX ET LEVRES
UNI SKIN YEUX ET LEVRES is a balm that unifies, perfects, returns luminosity, smoothes and visibly fills small wrinkles. High tolerance and fragrance free formula for delicate eyes and lips.

Application Tip: apply morning and evening around the eye and lip contour.

Payot Uni Skin Yeux et Lèvres Eye and lip Cream 15 ml

Come to OUR SHOPS TIENDAS AGATHA and try this new line of PAYOT, the results will surprise you.