In this summer post we are going to talk about Eveline’s Brazilian Body line that offers us different products to tan our skin while taking care of it.
To achieve this, Eveline surprises us again with some star products for this season: bronzers, and self-tanners.



If what we want is to tan our skin while taking care of it, Eveline offers us self-tanning moisturizing balm, an ultra-hydrating lotion that provides a progressive and long-lasting tan.
In addition to ensuring maximum hydration, it offers us a natural-looking golden tan. This effect is ensured by the double action generated by its Golden TanTM system, with natural tanning ingredients and the recent liquid crystal emulsion, which also leaves us with a feeling of smooth and satiny skin and frees us from the unwanted marks and patches that usually leave other types of products.
In addition, oils such as coconut, Brazil nut and cocoa butter are added to its formula, which provides extra hydration and a very pleasant smell.
And best of all, it is suitable for all skin types!


This mist is perfect if we want to achieve a natural Brazilian tan for up to 7 days thanks to its patented PureTan system.
This product is an all in 1 since we can use it for face and body.
It is not sticky, nor does it feel heavy because thanks to its texture it penetrates quickly into the skin, leaving it with a fresh feeling and a beautiful natural tan.
It comes in a 150 ml format.


If we are looking for a beautiful bright golden color on our skin but without having the strength and duration of a traditional self-tanner, this highlighter is perfect since its beautiful golden tone is eliminated with the bath water.
This product achieves a luminous golden glow thanks to the formulation of its Bright Jelly complex that contains particles that reflect light, which can also make us appear thinner, with a finer and brighter body sensation.


If you like the foam texture, this is your bronzer.
Eveline brazilian body express tanning body foam is a brown foam that absorbs quickly into the skin and offers a progressive tan. This means that as the hours go by, its effects intensify.
We will achieve a tan without unsightly marks and spots as well as a deep nourishment of the skin thanks to the fact that its composition includes ingredients such as aloe vera and vitamin E.
At this time of year, many of us want to get an enviable tan that makes us look more attractive. Perhaps summer is the time when we most materialize the fine-tuning of our physique since we wear it more, we spend part of the time in a bathing suit and we generally wear clothes that show our figure more, but it is very important that we are careful with the sun. We e must always combine wanting to look the best version of ourselves with taking care of our health.
That is why it is important that we follow some guidelines that we call “responsible tanning” and that we use products that, while achieving the tanning effect that we want, pamper our skin in order to avoid future problems and fully enjoy our summer seasons.


-One of the fundamental guidelines is not to expose ourselves to the sun without using a protection factor of at least 15 or 20 and apply it to dry skin for half an hour of sun exposure, whenever possible. It is also important that we know that the sunscreen serves exclusively so that our skin does not suffer irreparable damage and we must ignore the false belief that if we apply protection we will not tan.
We must always use protection and apart, if we want to get a nice tan, use products like the ones I mentioned at the beginning of the post.
-As we know, the sun’s rays affect more intensely from 12 noon to 4 in the afternoon, so we must avoid exposure in this time slot.
-It is recommended that we drink water to hydrate ourselves while we are exposed to sun, since the skin dries and loses its elasticity.
-We must know what our skin phototype is to more precisely meet your needs.
There are 6 skin phototypes. The first two should be extremely careful and use a cream with a high protection factor:
Phototype I (they burn easily, they never tan)
Phototype II (they burn easily, they tan a little)
Phototype III (they burn a little, gradually tan)
Phototype IV (they burn little, they tan well)
Phototype V (they burn little, they always tan)
Phototype VI (they burn very rarely)
Remember that our skin has memory, so we must always be alert and follow these tips.
Enjoy the summer and remember: we can have a great tan without neglecting the health of our skin.