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Summer is just around the corner, but the beach and pool season has begun, and so has the exposure to the sun.To help you to enjoy a beautiful and safe Tan Today we will explain the steps to be taken to properly apply SUNSCREEN.

Plus, we have made a selection of the four best protections we have available in our stores. With them you are going to be protected from the sunlight and its harmful consequences for the skin.

Step 1. Choose the protection
The first thing is to know what SPF means: It is the Sun Protection Factor (time of sun exposure you are protected), and to calculate your needs, you have to know for how long your skin endures exposure to the sun without burning. Imagine your skin capability is 10 minutes. Then, the number that accompanies such SPF, for example 50, indicates that you can handle 500 minutes of sunbathing. The calculation would be, sun exposure time multiplied by the number of SPF. See how easy it is?. As you see, all solar products protect the same and only change the exposure time.

Also keep in mind that in summer we are exposed to situations in which water and sweat can make our protection to be lost. So although formulas are long-lasting, we have to repeat the application of sunscreen after about 40 minutes of exposure. By doing this, we ensure avoiding sunburns.

And of course, there are plenty of formulas, lighter, more unctuous, spray or gel solar products. In this case, the choice is on us, and on what is easier.

Step 2. Application
One of the most common errors is to apply protection when we are already on the beach or pool. Protection needs time to be absorbed and fulfill its function, so 30 minutes before leaving we must apply the sunscreen and we’ll be ready to sunbathe and enjoy!

We can choose to a protection for the entire body, including face or opt for a specific one for the face, which usually contains more nourishing ingredients and also treatment.

Let’s apply the protection! We put the cream in the palms of our hands and warm up the product until the texture becomes lighter by skin contact and heat and then we can distribute the product to the skin. We recommend apply by areas, legs, torso and face. This way we will not forget anything. Take special care in areas that are more delicate, like eye, back, ears, eyelids and neck.

And of course do not forget to protect your lips, which of course can also get sunburnt and can cause our lip skin to be uneven, raised and dehydrated. We will use a balm that contains sunscreen.

Finally, do not forget the AFTER SUN. It will help to preserve the achieved tanning and prevents burns and skin irritation.

Sun Protection in Tiendas Agatha

Eight Hour® Cream Sun Defense for Face SPF 50
If you like Elizabeth Arden´s Eight Hour Cream, you must try this SUNSCREEN. It is specific for face and combats damage produced by UVA/UVB rays on the skin. It has also the power to moisturize the skin for eight hours, so that your skin is nourished as well as protected.

It’s perfect for all skin types because it is oil free, and besides having a light texture it is easily absorbed by skin.

Price 18,14€

Collistar Hipersensible Skins Sun Stick SPF 50
If you have a sensitive skin, the sun easily irritate your skin and you need something to protect and calm at the same time, this is your prodcut: COLLISTAR STICK.

It is special for the most delicate areas of the face such as eye area, which has a thinner skin, nose or lip contour. It can also be used to protect areas such as tattoos, blemishes or moles.

It contains sweet almond oil and calendula, that soothes and restores the skin.

Price: 15,36€

Natura Bissé C+C Macroantiozidant SPF 30
This CREAM WITH PROTECTION is high in Vitamin C, extracted from the skin of the orange, from where it gets the Macro-antioxidants that prevent skin aging and that are much more powerful than other antioxidants such as resveratrol, which comes from the grape, so it is an extraordinary component for your skin.

It contains a cockel of E, D and F vitamins (omega 3 and omega 6) that makes it an intensive treatment to prevent skin aging and provides ultra-moisturizing power. Furthermore the collagen has regenerative properties and gives the skin elasticity and firmness.

Price 33,61€

Shiseido Expert Sun Spf 50 Wetforce
If you want a POWERFUL SKIN PROTECTION and to feel protected at all times, even if you ‘re bathing or doing some sport, this is your sun product.

Shiseido has created the WetForce technology: As it comes into contact with water, it increases its protection factor. Isn´t it just great? You no longer have that feeling that as you’re bathing your protection is going away.

It is for all skin types and non-comedogenic. It is also easily absorbed and can be used for both face and the body.

Price: 31,45 €