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Hi #agathas! Today we want to introduce you the new Anne Möller´s skin care for men range of cosmetic products.

Day by day, men are more conscious about their skin. Now we can pamper them a little with these products that have innovative and effective active ingredients that penetrate the skin in just 10 seconds, so they have no excuse!

MÖLLER FOR MAN has 8 products with multiple benefits that provides comfort due to its lightweight and fast absorbing textures.

Discover Möller for Man, the new cosmetic for men range of products of Anne Möller


MOISTURIZING MATTIFYING GEL CREAM: It provides a free glow skin, leaving it soft and hydrated and minimizing pores.
ANTI-REDNESS MOISTURIZING BALM: Special for sensitive skin. Moisturizes, softens and fights irritation and redness on men skin. It also calms discomfort and sensitizations.
LIGHTLY TINTED MOISTURIZING GEL: An Innovative gel with a touch of colour, and the revolutionary “looking good” effect. Retrieves good looks instantly erasing fatigue signs on face. Refreshing light texture and colour.
EYE CONTOUR ROLL-ON: Anti-fatigue eye contour. Anti-dark circles and anti–puffiness effect. Cooling gel texture.

Anti- age prevention
MOISTURIZING DETOX GEL CREAM: Revitalizing Moisturizing Gel. Delays the first signs of aging and restores vitality and radiance to the skin.
GLOBAL ANTI-AGING CREAM: Antioxidant and DNA repair effect. Improves wrinkles and sagging on the face.
GENTLE SCRUB CLEANSING GEL: Removes impurities and blackheads, softening and revitalizing the skin.
DEO-CONTROL TRIPLE ACTION: Refreshes skin and regulates excessive sweating and prevents the wetness.