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Japanese cosmetics are trendy. And, as we all know, Japan is a country at the forefront of technology, so Japanese cosmetics brands are the most technologically advanced in the world.

In this post, we will talk about 3 of the most important Japanese beauty brands in the world: Sensai, Shiseido and Menard.

Sensai is a Japanese firm created in 1887. Its beginnings were like a textile company and over time its creators realized that their employees had smooth and surprisingly young hands. It was due to the daily work with the Silk created by the Koishimaru worm. From that moment Sensai begins to create its beauty products with this natural material. In 1937 it was already a consolidated leader in the cosmetic sector.

When Sensai started developing skin care, they become obsessed with the effectiveness and efficiency of their products. The silk used to create Sensai’s cosmetics, helps the production of collagen in a natural way, so that we can get a perfect and smooth skin a must in the beauty plan of every woman.

Here you have some of Sensai´s top cosmetics:

Sensai Cellular Performance Extra Intensive Eye Cream. Acts on the different signs of age that form around the eyes, providing extra hydration and softness, the eyes recover their luminosity and firmness.

Sensai Cellular Performance Cream Foundation. Its essential ingredients make this makeup an anti-aging treatment, covers dark spots and makes the skin recover its luminosity. It also regulates the tone of the skin.

Sensai Sponge Chief. It is the revolution in the cleaning of the face. It removes in a deep way the remains of the cleansing products leaving the skin clean, soft and without impurities, in an easy, soft and deep way.

The founder of Shiseido was the head of the Japanese Navy. His story began when he realized the low quality of pharmaceutical products in Japan. For this reason he made the decision to open his own pharmacy in Tokyo. Soon after, he combined medicine with Western cosmetic innovations, mainly from Paris, and began to research and develop his own high quality cosmetics. Shiseido was the first firm to introduce toothpaste in Japan, the first rice powders for women, introduced the first perfume in Asia and even the first line of male cosmetics in 1959. That small pharmacy of 1872 is now a firm sold in 84 countries teaching beauty and betting on improving the quality of life.

Here are some of the main current Shiseido skin care products:

LiftDynamic Cream by Shiseido. A luxury treatment that reaffirms the skin from the inside by activating the skin’s stem cells thus combating wrinkles and firming the skin.

Shiseido Ultimune. Serum that helps to diminish the appearance of wrinkles, providing a greater luminosity to the skin. The skin becomes smoother and becomes immune to the signs of aging.

Shiseido Ibuki. Perfect the skin without the need for filters, thanks to its formula you will obtain a smooth and perfect skin, for its performance as a filter to soften the skin leaving it with a velvety effect, without shine and absorbing excess fat.

The Menard beauty firm was established in 1959, and bases its philosophy on the statement “Seeking true beauty”. The name of Menard comes from the captivating goddess Menard, who served the Greek God Dionysus, God of procreation and production. Its creators have always been obsessed with Paris for its fashion and cosmetics, while the company provided its customers in Japan with a dream based on the slogan “born in France, raised in Japan”. Its strict control and advanced technology make Menard a luxury brand, reaching all parts of the world.

Some of Menard’s current main cosmetics are:

Menard Embellir Eye contour. Strengthens the structure of the eye contour, moisturizes in depth and protects against aging at the cellular level. Italso visibly reduces wrinkles and expression lines producing a lifting effect.

Menard Tsukika Cleansing cream. Cleans the skin from the deepest, eliminating impurities, dead cells and the rest of the makeup, regulating the skin’s metabolism, preventing skin problems from appearing and illuminating the face.

Menard Beauness Spa Mask. It moisturizes the skin and tones it, helping to create a healthy skin free of imperfections, dead cells and improves the skin with acne in a fast and practical way. Skin ready in 5 to 10 minutes, smooth and hydrated.

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